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*Ask about bundling the gait analysis with VO2 MAX testing*

Run Analysis

Why Run analysis?

​Run smarter, not harder.  This analysis is designed for runners and multisport athletes of all ages and skill levels with the goals of injury prevention and performance enhancement. Our expert and in depth analysis can detect running mechanics that have the potential for injury, as well as identify important factors the athlete can modify to train more effectively and to improve running performance.

2D vs. 3D analysis
All patients scheduling physical therapy for treatment of running injuries or wishing to become more efficient will receive a 2D video gait analysis as part of their evaluation.  We will film you and break it down into slow motion frames to determine where breakdown may be occurring. 
Those wanting more...3D gait analysis has arrived! 

3D gait analysis

  • Full-body assessment of your running technique, using 8 Motion Capture Cameras, which can take 400 frames per/s
  • A comparison of your running biomechanics to our extensive database of uninjured elite runners
  • Using 35 joint markers placed on your body, angles are created that allow us to break down your movement into 22 graphs of information
  • You are provided with a detailed web report that provides you with your graphs, a description of what was found on the graphs and training advice on how to make corrections
  • ​You also receive a coaching session with our performance specialist to work on proper form and strengthening exercises to support the changes
  • Why is this different than other systems?
    •  Our camera system uses optical motion capture and passive markers, which offers greater accuracy than traditional video analysis systems