Private Session - $75 (60 minute guided workout)   

Semi-Private Session - $40/client (60 minute guided workout with 2 clients or 30 minute workout for 1 client)

Drop-ins - $25/60 minute session (independent workout, available as schedule permits)

Package - $200  Available for existing clients trained in Red Cord
                  9 - 60 minute Independent Red Cord exercise sessions (gives you 1 session free)

​​E-mail Kari Smith at to schedule


Redcord’s total and holistic approach bridges the gap between performance oriented training and injury rehabilitation and is based on the principles of combining body weight with resistance using suspension slings. A unique blend of applied scientific knowledge, patented equipment and trained guidance ensures the Redcord system gets results.

Redcord suspension exercises improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, core muscle stability, and neuromuscular control. This is what we refer to as functional strength. Comprehensive knowledge of physical medicine and exercise science underlies a unique active training method.

Redcord enables you to exercise in a safe but challenging manner in order to develop strength and control in end of range positions. And since Redcord exercises can activate several muscle groups during a single exercise, training time is reduced.

Performance training with Redcord consists of three-dimensional exercises with high carry-over effect to sporting situations. The exercises improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability. Studies show that suspension exercises in Redcord improve athletic performance more than traditional strength training. Since Redcord suspension exercises activate muscle interaction and multiple muscle groups during a single exercise, the training is also time efficient.

An increasing number of elite athletes use Redcord suspension exercises to compliment their existing training and experience a dramatic reduction in injuries during training and competition. Redcord is used all over the world by trainers and athletes as

  • Performance enhancement
  • Injury prevention