What takes place during the assessment?


  • Specific individual sport questioning and medical history
  • Comprehensive biomechanical evaluation with functional movement patterns
  • Evaluation using HD video and slow motion capture
    • 3D motion capture available upon request
  • Detailed testing results highlighting injury risk and areas for improvement
  • Form correction to optimize biomechanical sport motion
  • Training program development for safe progression to maximum performance
  • High speed treadmill available for sprinters


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sports injury prevention

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Learn how to run and jump with correct mechanics

What is an Injury Risk Assessment?

A sports injury risk evaluation is designed to identify biomechanical and neuromuscular risk factors associated with injury. This testing is performed on non-injured athletes looking to decrease their risk of injury.  The testing usually occurs in pre-season, but can be performed at any time.  


Learn how to move efficiently and safely BEFORE an injury occurs!