What is VO2 MAX?

VO2 Max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption that can be attained during the most intense exercise possible. A person’s oxygen consumption rises in a linear relationship with exercise intensity — up to a point. There are specific physiological markers (AeT, AT) that can be detected throughout the test as oxygen consumption is measured. Eventually, oxygen consumption plateaus even if the exercise intensity increases. When the person is no longer able to keep up with the oxygen demands of his muscles and complete fatigue forces him to stop exercising, then his oxygen consumption has reached a maximum, and VO2 Max can be calculated.

Am i a good candidate for this test?

Recreational athletes

​A complete VO2 Fitness test can give the tools to set realistic goals and assess improvement. Studies show that previously sedentary people training at 75% of aerobic power for 30 minutes, 3 times a week over 6 months increase VO2 Max an average of 15-20%. Many people are inefficient exercisers, but we can help you learn what specific heart rate, intensity and duration would best help you reach your specific goals whether they are fat burning, endurance training, or cardio conditioning.  This test and the fitness plan combined can get you on your way while avoiding injury.

performance athletes

VO2 Max testing is a valuable tool for serious athletes to assess performance and evaluate training regimens. Even though extensive training can sometimes cause an athlete to reach a plateau in VO2 Max, he can still use his VO2 Max test results to make further improvements in performance. This is accomplished as he pushes to increase anaerobic threshold (AT) and maintain that threshold for longer periods of time. This enhances both endurance and cardiovascular performance.                 We teach you how to use heart rate to prevent injury and maximize performance.

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  • Have you been training for an event but can't seem to improve times?
  • Have you been foam rolling and stretching but you still find yourself with persistent injuries?
  • Do you need some direction on how to form a training plan?

VO2 max testing is for you
  • Metabolic rate is a measure of how much food, or fat, is converted to energy in a day.
  • Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the measurement of how much food, or energy, is required to maintain basic body functions such as heartbeat, breathing, and maintenance of body heat while you are in a state of rest. That energy is expressed in calories per day.
  • An RMR test shows how many calories you burn at rest, doing nothing more than sitting in a chair.
  • ATHLETES: This information helps you rule for training and races!!  Know how many calories you need to take in to keep your performance high.

       This test takes only about 10 minutes and can be done on its own or combined with a VO2 max test

VO2 MAx testing

              ...with custom 8 week fitness plan based on results

Resting heart rate metabolism